Facility Condition Assessments

M Group has the facilities engineering experience to provide in-depth and detailed assessments of existing facilities for life-cycle accounting by documenting all current building deficiencies encompassing the structure, systems, and components; and estimating the associated costs for repair, renewal and code compliance. Identify potential problems for correction, thereby preventing premature deterioration, possible damage to adjacent assets, or total failure of components Provide a central repository of condition information to enable proactive identification of deficiencies and extension of asset life. Justify increased deferred maintenance and capital renewal spending using existing processes and information sources

Analysis charts and statistics

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M Group provides a better and efficient plan

Better plan corrective measures and improve the overall facility condition index, ultimately resulting in less disruption to facility occupants and lowering the total cost of operations. Provide an objective, systematic method for evaluating facilities and infrastructure to help substantiate resource needs based on organizational priorities.